Pictured below are Citroën Club Members cars that you may find inspiring and interesting. If you have a picture you would like to submit for consideration    e-mail us and let us know

What do you get when you mate a Citroen DS with a Corvair?  Why you get a Reactor of course.  Built in 1966 and utilizing the front-wheel-drive chassis of the DS, the Reactor has a hand-formed aluminum body and is powered by a chromed Corvair engine.  Currently owned by Gene Winfield, the Reactor has electric-opening doors, hood and roof and will be showed at the 2017 Concours D'Elegance in Monterey.  This car just oozes cool.

Someone sent me this photo of a Citroen DS-based low rider - no explanation where he found it or even if it is a non-Photoshop photo - looks pretty cool however so worthy of a Gallery mention.

Antony from Bandung West Java sent these pictures of his 1985 FAF - he had recently rebuilt his 602cc 2CV engine by using the pistons/sleeves from a 1500cc VW to upgrade his egnine size to 750cc.  Sounds like good ole Citroenist ingenuity to add a few horsies to this rare 2CV derivative.

Texas member Pablo Gonzalez sent us pictures of his very rare 2CV Sahare - he recently did a slight refurbishment to it as he had acquired it after finding it semi-abandoned.

Gary Cullen sent us a picture of the Long family's collection of DS Cabriolets - father Greg Long is in the full-size model and son Adam is in the pint-sized version.

Argentinian Citroen owner Oscar Colonna (Argentina's self-proclaimed Number One Citroen fan) sent us a picture of his hot-rodded Ami Wagon.

Club member Gary Cullen send us this picture of his Christmas present - a set of Citroen slippers made for him by his sister.

This 2CV was unveiled to the press and public at San Diego, California Gillespie's Airfield in 1999. The 2CV was built into a pseudo plane for the 1999 Paris Air Show. It is featured on the cover and in an article in the "CITROEN" Vol 8 No. 4 newsletter.

Next to Citroen Concours' 2CV6 Charleston.

Taxiing for takeoff.

Approaching the Gillespie Airfield runway.

CCA Member Steve Blair's promotional 2CV build for the 1997 Paris Air Show to attract attention to his "Forged Metals" booth. This 2CV was later modified into the 'Spirit of Fontana' seen in the above photos.

CCA member Willis Boyd's 1972 DS21 Limo.

Remains of the DS used to lengthen Willis Boyd's Limo.

CCA member Marcus Brandley's 1948 Citroën 11CV Legere.

CCA member Jim Smother's infamous DS Cabriolet smuggle car on display at Concord NC.





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